How Does Cool Sculpting Work?

I have always managed to keep my weight under control, but like most people I have quite a bit of vanity when it comes to the way that I look when I take my shirt off at the beach. Every year I spend a couple of weeks and a lot of weekends down at a place on the Gulf Coast that belongs to my uncle Lou. At any rate I have been told about this dermatologists in Austin TX that does this stuff called cool sculpting. However I have been wondering about how it really works and whether or not it will solve the problem that I have, which is not really being fat. Instead I just do not look as slender as I think that I should. This seems to be most the fact that I have some flabbiness around my sides and my belly. My mom calls it baby fat and she claims that it is cute, but she is my mom obviously and I do not care what she would think if she saw me walking on the beach.

If I had a girlfriend right now I probably would not care as much as I do now, but then that is obvious. However the question is whether or not flab and fat are the same thing more or less. This machine is designed to freeze the fat that you have, but I do not really think that most of my problem is fat. In fact I sort of wonder if the fat were gone, perhaps that would make me even more flabbier. Or more to the point it would probably make it appear that I am flabbier because after all that is what is all about in the end. I really lost the weight for vanity, so appearances are really all that matter.